The best promotional products start with the best artwork. Here is a guide to supplying artwork.

What's the best format to supply?

Our designers prefer that artwork is supplied in vector format. Vector files are always crisp and sharp and can be rescaled to any size with no loss of quality. Vector files are created in specific vector editing software such as the industry standard Adobe Illustrator. The most common vector file formats are .AI, .EPS and .PDF.

What if I don't have a vector file?

Our in-house artists are used to working with other file formats. They can work from raster files such as .JPG, .TIF and .BMP. These types of files would need to be manually recreated in a vector format for application on most of the products we supply. Depending on the complexity of your logo or artwork most of the time this service would be free. Sometimes a more complex re-draw would require the charging of a small fee. Your sales consultant will advise you of any costs before work is commenced.

What is the difference between vector and raster anyway?

Vector graphics are made up from series of dots, called anchors. The anchors are joined by either curved or straight lines, similar to a child's dot-to-dot. These dots and lines can be scaled to any size without loss of quality or detail. Another great thing is that because of the limited amount of information used to create them, the file sizes generally stay fairly small.

Raster images, also known as bitmap images, are made of picture elements (pixels). Pixels are a grid of squares that use variations of colour and tone to produce an image. When viewed at the correct size the resulting image appears smooth. If, however, a raster image is enlarged beyond its optimal viewing size the pixels become visible, leading to a poor-quality result.

Is there ever a time to use a raster image instead of a vector?

Yes! Raster images are ideal for reproducing things such a photos or paintings. If your design includes these elements, then raster formats could be the way to go. Bear in mind that not all products we offer are suitable for photographic branding.

Can I have my own designer create my artwork?

We welcome our clients to supply their own finished artwork, however bear in mind that your designs may require modifications to be suitable for some decoration methods. Our designers are happy to give advice on artwork preparation.