Discover our captivating range of promotional toys, each custom-branded with your logo to maximise your brand's visibility. Ideal for giveaways, corporate events, or as unique gifts, our toys promise not only fun but a memorable connection to your brand. Shop now and make your mark with every play!

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  • LED Light Up Yo-Yos LED Light Up Yo-Yos

    LED Light Up Yo-Yos

    Light up colourful plastic yo-yos with a clutch and bearing so you can do all of your favourite tricks. The blinking red lights are activated and glow when the toy is spinning. We do not recommend black imprints. Individually packaged in a white box...
    From: $2.12
    MOQ: 150

  • Silicon Frisbee Silicon Frisbee

    Silicon Frisbee

    Our strong durable silicone frisbee is a fun promotional product for clients, who want to do outdoor or indoor exercises, it won’t snap or break off into shards like traditional frisbees. Select from 3 different colours, this frisbee has a large branding...
    From: $2.52
    MOQ: 150

  • Cap Gun Cap Gun

    Cap Gun

    For a bit of fun around the barbeque, the Cap Gun is an unparalleled sense of delight. With an in-built bottle opener, crack open a cold one and shoot out the cap! Make a game out of it and revel in a new sense of joy; for a quirky and unique sense of...
    From: $4.08
    MOQ: 250

  • Crater High Bounce Ball Crater High Bounce Ball

    Crater High Bounce Ball

    A unique moon crater ball designed to both alleviate boredom and promote stress relief. Made from dense PU material crater balls are great for bouncing in place or squeezing in your hand. The harder you throw the ball the higher it bounces so make sure...
    From: $2.69
    MOQ: 100

  • Miracle Bubbles Miracle Bubbles

    Miracle Bubbles

    Great for parties or special events, providing hours of fun. Tiny bubble wand is perfect for blowing small bubbles. Small travel size is perfect for a purse or bag. Capacity 60ml.
    From: $1.23
    MOQ: 150