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  • Breeze Fan

    Breeze Fan

    Hand held fan with coloured handle and your full coverage custom design on solid white blade. Ideal for keeping cool and waving at sporting events. Handle colours available Clear, Red or Blue. Custom colour handles available 10,000 up.
    From: $1.24
    MOQ: 1000

  • Sirocco Fan Sirocco Fan

    Sirocco Fan

    Two speed, battery operated fan with incorporated two positions support stand. Fan speed is adjustable using the push button which is also the on/off button. Three AAA batteries are included in each fan. An insulator is inserted to prevent accidental...
    From: $5.67
    MOQ: 50

  • Classic Mini Fan Classic Mini Fan

    Classic Mini Fan

    Cool off with a classic mini fan. This battery operated miniature fan with soft foam blades is perfect for any outdoor event. Each fan includes 2 AA batteries packed separately. Includes simple black breakaway lanyard.Note: We do not recommend a black...
    From: $1.98
    MOQ: 150